Perhaps you’ve heard of omega-3 fatty acids, essential nutrients that seem to be all the rage these days. The American Heart Association in particular advocates for consumption of fish containing omega-3s, such as salmon and tuna, at least twice a week to prevent heart disease.

A recent set of studies has shown that omega-3s do not prevent heart attacks or heart disease in any group; researchers found no link between omega-3s and heart health. That being said, this research is no cause to stop consuming omega-3 fatty acids! Although you can’t expect them to prevent heart disease, you can expect these healthy fats to contribute to brain health, eye health, and the formation of cell membranes throughout the body.

In addition to fish, you can find omega-3 fatty acids in algae, flax and chia seeds, walnuts, edamame, and canola oil. Omega-3s are also being added to a variety of products like milk and bread, and are also available in supplement form.


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