You’ve heard of the dangers of secondhand cigarette smoke and its potential health consequences. But what do you know about the risks associated with cannabis smoke?

New research on the effects of cannabis shows that secondhand smoke from the plant is harmful in much the same way as cigarette smoke. When inhaled, secondhand smoke immediately makes it harder for arteries to expand to allow for proper blood flow. This effect lasts for 30 minutes with cigarette smoke and 90 minutes for cannabis smoke before artery function returns to normal.

The situation is even worse with repeated exposure. Then secondhand smoke can damage blood vessels and cause scarring and stiffness that contribute to heart attacks and strokes. Although tightly tested and regulated cannabis has fewer chemical additives than cigarettes, the products of combustion still make secondhand smoke bad for the body.

Colorado has laws in place to protect citizens from secondhand smoke in public, but it’s important to reduce exposure as much as possible in private homes to protect your body from the harmful effects.


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