Here at the Sheldon Sowell Center for Health we’ve developed a robust, long term solution to caring for you safely and responsibly during the coronavirus/COVID 19 pandemic. 

Our office is open and fully staffed by our physicians and Registered Nurses. We’re using a carefully calibrated mixture of tele-medicine and in-person visits to provide ongoing care for our patients.

In most cases we can accomplish the talking part of your visit via phone, FaceTime or proprietary tele-health platforms. When you need a physical exam or labs you’ll come directly to our office — no, we won’t keep you waiting in your car. We will provide you with a new surgical mask that’s yours to keep and you will be the only patient in our office. As usual, your wait time will be measured in seconds. Before and after your visit we’ll go overboard cleaning things.

As always, Drs. Sheldon and Sowell are available by phone, text and email 24/7 for our patients. We are seeing patients for both annual exams and preventative care, as well as, acute medical needs. 

The Sheldon Sowell Center for Health is a concierge medical practice in Denver, CO. If this is the kind of care you want for yourself and your family, call to speak to our physicians about joining us.


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