Since 1998 we’ve made it our business to visit with doctors from all over the metro area. We’ve created a unique, and uniquely deep, panel of specialists.

We’re two doctors, two nurses, and three support staff in Denver, Colorado. Yet The Sheldon Sowell Center for Health has national reach, referring patients to medical centers around the country when we feel it’s warranted.

One of the most frustrating and limiting features of insurance-based medicine is having to figure out which hospitals and specialists are in-network and which are out-of-network. So we created our own “Insider’s Network” of those we consider the best in town. And we’re continuously improving it, interviewing physicians weekly to be sure they’re the kind of people to whom we can entrust our patients’ care.

Those we select appreciate our choosiness, making appointments available on short notice when necessary and ensuring our patients are seen by the specialist rather than a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant. And if there’s no one we feel is right for the job in Colorado, we broaden the search. The Mayo Clinic, Sloan-Kettering, MD Anderson, and the Cleveland Clinic have all treated our patients.

For example, we made one referral after learning a patient of ours was about to undergo a procedure by a local physician that could have left him in permanent pain. We suggested a second opinion at the Mayo Clinic, and the family acted on it. Everything went splendidly in Minnesota where the physicians determined that the procedure wasn’t necessary after all.

Wherever you get specialist care, The Sheldon Sowell Center is your medical home base, coordinating your treatment at every step.

Here’s what some of our specialist consultants have said about working with us:

Yours is one of the most thoughtful, complete, and in-depth primary care work-ups of this sort of presentation I have seen in my more than 30 years of clinical practice. It made approaching these complex and subtle symptoms far clearer and easier for me than would have otherwise been the case.

— Psychologist


Drs. Jonathan Sheldon and Heather Sowell embody the ideal of the thoughtful, engaged, caring and trustworthy physician. I have had the pleasure of sharing many patients with them. Their referrals are always well considered and are focused on expediting a solution to their patient’s problem. They always remain connected and monitor their patient’s progress. I couldn’t be more complimentary.

— Urologist


Drs. Jonathan Sheldon and Heather Sowell provide the finest medical care that I have seen. Their patients are well treated medically, supported emotionally, and are very happy with their experience at the Sheldon Sowell Center for Health. As a practicing dermatologist, I know when quality care has been delivered. I would recommend Drs. Sheldon and Sowell without hesitation or reservation.

— Dermatologist


Drs. Sheldon and Sowell are extremely attentive to detail. They both are excellent diagnosticians and provide superb care to their patients. I have thoroughly enjoyed my interactions with them and would recommend both of them without reservation to any of my friends, patients, or colleagues.

— Otolaryngologist (ear, nose, throat specialist)


As a specialist in the treatment of venous disease, it is vastly important and appreciated when patients come to my office appropriately referred by their primary care physicians. I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Sheldon and Dr. Sowell for several years and respect the personalized care that they provide their patients. This approach results in accurate and timely referral for the services my practice provides. Their unique process of selecting subspecialty physicians ensures the same standard of exceptional care they offer their patients in the primary care setting.

— Vascular surgeon


Drs. Sheldon and Sowell take tremendous care of their patients. As a specialist, I find they are keenly interested in not only my thoughts and recommendations, but in remaining involved in their care, which results in optimal patient care.

— Hematologist/oncologist


It’s a pleasure to take care of patients referred from your office. The MD to MD discussion that occurs before the visit helps with better and more efficient patient care. Thanks.

— Orthopedist


I have had the pleasure of working with Drs. Sheldon and Sowell and their patients with foot and ankle concerns for over 20 years. I appreciate their attention to detail, and the way they educate their patients regarding medical conditions, expected evaluations, treatment options and outcomes. My job as a podiatric physician and surgeon becomes much more effective when their patients present to me with the necessary medical workup and specific requests for consultation. They respond immediately and with authority to any request I have for co-management or queries regarding detailed medical and/or social history.

— Podiatrist


Drs. Sheldon and Sowell offer something unique that has been lost in our current healthcare world: superlative technical expertise delivered in a caring way. They treat their patients the way they would treat their families. That is a hard thing to find.

— Otolaryngologist (ear, nose, throat specialist)


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