When buying consumer products such as cars, housing, or food, we all recognize the difference between cost and value. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for in this life.

While it can be hard to know whether you’re getting value from a hospital because of the billing distortions the insurance industry has created, primary medical care is still largely a matter of paying for service (or not) and getting that service (or not). That’s why we can confidently say that the comparatively high upfront cost of joining The Sheldon Sowell Center for Health translates into a genuine value.

In exchange for their membership fees, our patients receive unparalleled attention and efficiency. Call us any time of day or night (really, try it!) and you will find yourself speaking to a physician or Registered Nurse, somebody who knows you by name, remembers your last conversation, and has quick access to your medical history. Compare that with the phone-tree runaround you’ll get elsewhere, and ask yourself, how valuable is the time you didn’t have to spend:

  • On hold
  • Getting somebody’s attention
  • Waiting for an appointment
  • Trying to reach your doctor
  • Waiting to hear back from your doctor
  • Getting a prescription refilled

Similarly, when it’s time to consult a specialist, we’ve already got those we consider to be the best of the best lined up, almost literally sitting by the phone waiting for our call. At other practices, it’s not uncommon to waste a day or an entire weekend while your “doc” hunts down a specialist. We already know who’s in our network, and they know us, and they see our patients as promptly as possible.

Pay us a complimentary visit to talk it over, and we think you’ll agree that the cost of joining The Sheldon Sowell Center for Health is extremely reasonable compared with the value you’ll receive under our care.

Phone: 303-789-4949
Fax: 303-789-7495
1780 South Bellaire Street #700
Denver, CO 80222


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1780 South Bellaire Street #700
Denver, CO 80222